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Published on January 7th, 2014 | by Publisher, Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey


Transform Your Body and Life in 90 Days

Bodhi is an ancient Indian word meaning wisdom. This is Bodhi by Anthony Monetti, located in Somerville, offers a 90-day Transformation Challenge, inviting individuals to gain the wisdom of discovering and developing the whole person: mind, body, spirit. Founders Anthony and Karen Monetti help you create your best self through effective fitness training, quality nutrition and an innovative approach to personal development that is structured around your individual goals.

“Bodybuilding is working out,”says Karen.” Bodhi-building is waking up. Waking up your mind to uncover and correct your mistaken thoughts or actions. The ultimate objective is the development of a more positive self, which results in opportunities to see how amazing our lives can truly become.”

Anthony adds, “As a society we are pressed by big companies to take a pill for this or that, while wanting a quick fix for everything. Your journey toward complete health will be not easy, and a quick fix will result in an ever quicker broke. Three things you must have in place when making the commitment: One, believe in you. Two, trust the process; do not give up. And three, have patience. There is no quick fix, stay focused and your thoughts will become your actions.”

Location: 194 W. Main St., Somerville. For information, call 908-526-2288 or visit

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