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Published on February 5th, 2014 | by Amy Booth


Support for the Unique Journey Called Adoption

Are you a birth parent, the parent of a child adopted into your family, a friend or family member of an adopted individual?  Or an individual who was adopted and is seeking someone you can talk to about all those questions running through your mind?

Being adopted and navigating the emotions that come along through this experience are unique. Kathy Vervan Bugglin, Certified Professional Coach and owner of Self Reflection Coaching LLC (“SRC”) aka The Adoptee Coach (“TAC”) specializes in adoption-related family concerns. “I’ve heard over and over again that people find it difficult to find assistance and understanding with someone who does not live adoption,” remarks Kathy. “We are all individuals and experience events in our own way but having been adopted myself, there is a place of harmony with my clients.  There is an appreciation and comprehension of, but also a knowing that no one can know exactly what you are feeling, except you.”

To assist the process of gaining insight into one’s self, SRC uses the Core Image Reflector. This tool helps individuals to become a more self-aware so that they can consistently choose how to respond to their environment and get the results they  desire. The tool also reveals your level of engagement in life and identifies what is supporting and what is limiting your success.  This invaluable tool is for anyone, not only adoption related individuals.

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