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Welcoming Central NJ Babies Gently at Home

The number of planned home births rose 30% in the U.S. between 2004-2009. Lesley Franco, a certified professional midwife with SoulShine Midwifery, has been attending births for 16 years, in hospitals, birth centers and homes as a doula and midwife assistant.  “As a midwife and a mother I believe deeply in the normalcy of birth, trusting the innate wisdom of women to move through this process in a way that serves them,” states Lesley. “Both of my first two babies were born completely naturally, with midwives, in a hospital setting. It was then I decided to support other women on their journeys.”

SoulShine Midwifery is moving into its 4th year serving Central NJ families desiring a planned home birth. The midwifery practice offers respectful, individualized care to healthy, low-risk women who are interested in taking advantage of the many benefits of giving birth in the  privacy of their own homes: personal/continuous care,  peace and quiet, ability to walk around and assume any posture, lower rate of interventions, and no need to drive anywhere while in labor, or immediately postpartum with a newborn.

SoulShine has an extensive network of complimentary health practitioners for referral, such as: chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, lactation consultants and holistic pediatricians.

SoulShine Homebirth Midwifery is located in Whitehouse Station, NJ. Consultations to discuss your homebirth are offered at no charge. Call 908-439-3040 or visit SoulshineHomeBirth.com for details.

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