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Published on March 31st, 2014 | by Julie Shaw


Get in Shape for Women

As a certified personal trainer and wellness/life coach, Kimberlee Caputo offers her clients a holistic approach to health and well-being. “I want them to understand that it isn’t just about fitting into a certain pair of jeans—it’s about all the areas of their life coming together.” That philosophy blends perfectly with the company vision at Get in Shape for Women, and in December 2011 Caputo opened her own franchise, located at 552 Allen Road, Highlands Village Center, in Basking Ridge. She describes the Get in Shape for Women approach: “We offer small group personal training for women in a transformational model.”

This transformational model consists of four components: Nutrition, Strength training, Cardio training, and Accountability. Caputo notes, however, that she tells every potential client that there is one more factor required to make the program successful, and that is commitment. She believes commitment comes in the form of “consistency, patience, and a love for oneself.” She encourages all of her clients to begin from a place of self-acceptance rather than one of disliking their body—this approach fosters true transformation rather than setting up a negative impetus.

Potential clients are offered a free trial session at Get in Shape for Women, after which they sit down with Caputo to discuss goals, motivators and commitment level. “I like to make sure each client is ready for the program, ready to commit to her own goals and what it will take to get there.” Once that commitment is in place, each new client receives an initial nutritional consultation to learn about the science behind nutrition, personal goals, a healthy grocery list, and a welcome bag of tools to encourage healthy eating habits. The client is then asked to keep track of everything she eats for one week. Her food journal is reviewed, with notes about where the client is already succeeding and where she can make positive changes. The result is a personalized food plan, which underlies the client’s workout strategy. Additional nutrition consultations are available if desired to tweak a client’s program in the direction of her goals.

Training sessions include four women, one trainer and 30 minutes each of strength and cardio training. Strength training sessions use a variety of equipment, including machines, free weights, kettle bells, bosu ball, TRX suspension system, medicine balls and floor work to ensure a comprehensive workout. During the last week of each month, clients do super-sets with lower weights and more repetitions. The overall goal for strength training is to decrease fat and increase muscle tone in order to increase resting metabolic rate. Cardio sessions are on either a treadmill or elliptical, and alternate between one minute at a challenge pace followed by two minutes at a recovery pace. A large wall timer keeps clients on track. The cardio program is designed to accelerate fat and calorie burning, as well as exercise the heart. Caputo notes that these workouts are designed to make it possible for clients to come in just three times a week and still see excellent results.

In addition to Nutrition, Strength and Cardio training, the fourth component in the model is Accountability. Caputo has three trained and qualified staff members to help clients stay accountable to their own goals. Nicki Booth is certified in nutrition, and Jake Booth and Kevin Shanahan both hold bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Physiology. Every workout session includes conversation about clients’ progress and ways to maintain success. Weekly weigh-ins and monthly body fat measurements help quantify results. Nutrition goals and strategies are also discussed at every training session, keeping that foundation at the heart of the process.

Covering one wall just inside the studio in Basking Ridge are a dozen or more framed “before and after” client photographs. The results are there for all to see. Clients can choose to share their successes on the company website, and many are selected to be used in promotional and advertising materials. Kimberlee Caputo says that “the biggest reward I see here is not about how much business comes through the door, but how people’s lives are affected. When someone comes up to me with tears in her eyes and says how much her life has changed, that is the best reward.”

Location: 552 Allen Road, Highlands Village, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920. 908-329-7336,

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