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Published on November 1st, 2014 | by Joe Dunne


Direct Your Life

This month’s issue focuses on personal empowerment. I thought to myself what does that really mean? The obvious answer is taking charge of one’s life. Is that so hard? Well, for those of us who have managed that task it seems easy, now. For some it has never been an issue. But in reality, for many of us, it is a monstrous task. Taking charge of one’s life when you live in someone else’s hands (or believe yourself to be), you’re a slave to an addiction, or in an abusive relationship makes personal power a mountain very hard to climb. Why is that? My experience has been that the problem is the overwhelming sense of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear to take a leap of faith, fear of failure, or just the thought of change can paralyze us; and so we stay put—stuck in our situations. So what does it take to achieve a sense of empowerment when you can only dream of it?

Who knows what will move us to change, take charge, go forward. Taking charge of one’s life is so personal, it is so situational. What you want, what you do is all up to you, mine is up to me. One thing I do know it is possible; it is worth it. I have always been amazed and consider myself privileged when people share their personal struggle and process of change. When you watch people grow and take charge of their lives, watch as they move to self-confidence, a higher sense of self, stand up for themselves, and understand their bill of human rights, I am always inspired by their courage.

If you’re looking to change your life, seeking that sense of self, need to feel confident, take your personal power back. Then take the risk, go for it, direct your life. Each and every one of us deserve it, and each and every one of us is worth it.

Wayne Dyer who has graced our cover occasionally, and contributed to Natural Awakenings over the years has devoted his life’s work to helping people grow. I have to thank him for inspiring me.

I love the theme of this month’s issue, and I’m excited for you, our readers, to enjoy our contribution to awareness. I keep thinking if Natural Awakenings just helps one person make a difference in their life, then we have accomplished something special.

In peace, love and laughter,




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