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Published on June 28th, 2016 | by Joe Dunne


The Choice is Love

I have considered five different subjects to write about but still feel stuck.I haven’t been able to motivate myself. I’m surrounded by feelings of shame, grief, disappointment, confusion and sadness.

I’m stuck in Orlando, Sandy hook, and Fort Hood. I’m disheartened by the amount of hate a human being can hold on to. I feel ashamed that we as a world society have only reached this level. The sadness and grief are obvious. I’m disappointed in the amount of blame we dish out.

All humans are just that humans.

To disregard anyone—to judge, hate, destroy, or take from someone their rights—I just don’t get it.

Where does love, compassion, forgiveness and empathy fit in today? How much crazy is crazy enough?

We as a society are either going toward or away from love. We are either going toward or away from hate. It is a choice. Choose love.

In love, peace and gratitude,


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