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Published on July 26th, 2017 | by NA Central New Jersey


Introducing Sustainable Organizing

Is clutter dragging you under? What would it be like to live in an organized space? Does your junk drawer have a life of its own? Does being late stress you out?

Based on the idea that everyone is a unique individual, sustainable organizing is the creation of systems for people based on their learning style, how their brain works, and how they move through the world. Whether in homes or offices, using sustainable organizing principles helps people create organizing and productivity habits that can change their lives.

“Organizing books tell people one way to organize and the truth of the matter is that everyone needs to find their own style of organizing that works for them,” says Certified Professional Organizer® Amara Willey.

She explains that people’s spaces and their brains are reflections of each other. “When you organize clutter,” Amara says, “that helps your brain become more calm and clear.”

Using sustainable organizing principles, Amara and her team enjoy transforming both homes and offices into neat, organized realms of usable, clutter-free space, bringing peace and harmony to people who have felt overwhelmed by the amount of paper and belongings in their lives.

Time to Get Organized holds seminars and workshops that detail Amara’s positive, upbeat views about how looking at time and space differently can change people’s lives. For more details, call 908-868-4311 or visit

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