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Published on December 3rd, 2017 | by Joe Dunne


Publishers Letter – December 2017

“Don’t worry, be happy”  

A holiday wish to all. 

“Peace on Earth” 

A holiday wish to the planet 

“Make Love Not War” 

A holiday wish to mankind 

“Pay it forward, serve others” 

A holiday wish for us. 

“Take a good look at myself and change what needs to be changed” 

A holiday wish to myself, and for my friends, and family. 


Remember that kindness works—for you and for others. Think how it might change your 2018. 

Remember to smile a lot, others will notice.  

Remember to look for what is good in every situation. If you do this for a year, think how different 2018 might look. 

And a few other “remembers.”  – Take a drive with no destination. Do good. Be positive. Practice patience. Change your mind. Examine yourself. Mentor someone. Volunteer and make a difference. Nurture yourself. Lighten up. Forgive. Change. Inspire. Be more loving. Risk. Relax. Learn a card trick. Dream. Meditate. Take responsibility. Don’t fight. Laugh. Be grateful. Practice self-control. Set boundaries. Take the time to be extra clear. Talk on a phone. Talk in person. Pray more. Exercise. Don’t text and drive. Learn…and learn…and learn. 

From all of us at Natural Awakenings, may your holiday season be filled with peace, love and laughter. See you in 2018! 




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